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Top 10 Leadership Lessons Motherhood Has Taught Me

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

#10 Be aware that every person/child has different needs and strengths.

#9 Boundaries involve people being able to ask you for things and you having the choice to say yes or no. If they don't like your decision, they may whine, sulk, throw things at you, and have temper tantrums, but it won’t last forever.

#8 Become skilled at strategic planning - do the hardest things first in your day. e.g., make dinner in the morning (Thank you Jenny Leboffe)

#7 Learn how to be responsive to developmental, behavioral, and organizational change. Provide greater support in times of developmental change, greater clarity in times of behavioral change, and give space to process grief in times of organizational change.

#6 When there is conflict, always seek to understand what is going on beneath the surface. Is the conflict happening because they feel unvalued, hungry, scared, lonely, wronged, tired?

#5 Don’t assume people in your organization know what you are wanting to accomplish. Make sure you are clear about your expectations. Have you communicated what you want to see, and can the other party say it back to you and agree to it? (Thank you Pete Scazzero)

#4 Don’t do something for someone that they can do themselves. Our draw towards efficiency, control, and needing to be needed can get in the way of letting someone else learn important life lessons.

#3 Inspiring leaders are mindful that they are creating their organizational culture. Mental health, humility, authenticity, and self-reflection are paramount.

#2 You are not your job. Your identity and worth is not based upon what others think of you OR you or your people's performance.

#1 Always remember the bigger vision you are going after and that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

* P.S. Don’t forget to have fun! Sometimes you need to jump on the trampoline, participate in the dance party, play the video game, or have a slurpee too!

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