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What Do Spiritual Practices and Drano Have in Common?

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

In this season I have been thinking a lot about life rhythms and spiritual practices, especially as it relates to how each of us are uniquely experiencing this time.

For some this is a time of integration. A time where people are finding the lack of commuting, the generosity of space, and freedom from relational and familial obligations as a gift that is allowing them to engage in spiritual practices that are really meaningful and fruitful for them.

For others this is a time of disintegration and fragmentation, where people are feeling upended like never before. Perhaps through a shocking eclipse of financial provision, or through a suffocating amount of people in their home, toggling between responsibilities, or through solitary isolation and/or grieving loss in physical ways.

And then there are so many experiences in between.

As it relates to spiritual practices, it is important to understand what season we are in because spiritual practices are here to serve us.

A mentor of mine, Sheryl Fleisher, defines spiritual practices as, “Anything that helps us to receive God’s love and give it away”. This is a definition that has a lot of spaciousness in it doesn’t it? As you read it, do you feel drawn to or resistant to this definition?

This definition actually reminds me of the pipes in our home. We live in an older home and often the pipes in our sink, shower, etc. get clogged. When this happens, I find myself putting a DIY concoction together or going to the store to get some Drano that will unclog our pipes so that the water can freely move through them again.

Similarly, I Iook at spiritual practices as spiritual drano that can help unclog our spiritual pipes so we can be a conduit of God's love.

But how do we know when our spiritual pipes are clogged? Well, being stuck in any of the below may be a sign:

- Grief

- Irritability/Anger

- Fear/Shame

- Resentment

- Numbing

- Escaping

- Experiencing fatigue resulting from burn-out (over-caring/over-giving)

And, how do we discern what spiritual practice is most helpful for us in a given season? Great question amidst the plethora of them to choose from. In fact, author Adele Calhoun has curated a list of over 75 different spiritual practices to choose from!

Well, sometimes it takes trial and error. But mostly, it takes some intentionality and a good dose of mindfulness.

Some questions that can help start the discernment process:

  • What season of life are you in?

  • How are you wired?

  • How do you most naturally connect with God?

  • As you reflect on your past week, when did you experience love/God's love?

And, out of the list of spiritual practices below which one do you feel most drawn to in this season?

- Relationships/Soul Connections

- Being in Nature

- Contemplation (silence, solitude, prayer)

- Engaging in Justice

- Caring/Loving Others

- Engaging the Intellect

- Worship/Music

- Movement

- Creativity

- Liturgical Prayers

- Scripture

The sky is the limit when it comes to spiritual practices! May you enjoy the journey with God through the different seasons of life and considering which spiritual practices are most helpful for you along the way!

For additional content, check out the conversation author Leeana Tankersley and I had on the topic of spiritual practices below:

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