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Friday, April 14, 2023         Spiritual Practices for Busy Moms Workshop

                                                                  Hosted by Solana Beach Presbyterian Church MOPS

Saturday, May 6, 2023        Women's Reflective Retreat

                                                                  Hosted by Flood Church

                                                                  More info. here




  • Experiencing God in the Midst of. . . An Advent Reflection

  • Discovering and Receiving the Spiritual Gifts of Advent

Inner Life

  • Awakening: From Dormancy to New Life

  • Soul Tending

  • Rise: Journeying With God Through the Seasons of Life

  • Whispers of the Heart: Experiencing God Through the Inner Life


  • An Invitation to Soul Rest

  • ​An Invitation to Rest

  • Returning and Resting through the Spiritual Practice of Retreat

  • Spiritual Refreshment for Pastors and Ministry Leaders


​​Spiritual Practices

  • Grounding: Spiritual Practices for When You are Feeling Off

  • Spiritual Practices that Help you Rest and De-Stress

  • Creating Space for God: Silence and Solitude

  • Letting Go & Filling Up: Restorative Spiritual Practices

  • A Quiet Hour: Creating Space for God

  • Creating a Personal Compass

Inner Life

  • Soul Tending

  • Whispers of the Heart: The Importance of Your Heart and God's Heart for You

  • The Noise Inside: Knowing the Difference Between Our Voice, Toxic Voices and God's Voice

  • Emotions: The Over-Looked Spiritual Growth Catalyst


  • Experiencing God's Presence through Body-Oriented Spiritual Practices


  • Discover your Enneagram Type

  • The Enneagram for Individual and Team Transformation

  • Spiritual Growth and the Enneagram


  • Spiritual Refreshment for Pastors and Ministry Leaders

  • Spiritual Refreshment for Helping Professionals

  • Spiritual Practices for Busy Moms

  • Soul Tending for Educators

Spiritual Growth

  • Cultivating a Closer Relationship with God

  • Practicing Sacred Connection: Conversation with God

  • Practicing Authenticity with God


  • What Should I Do? Practicing the Art of Discernment

  • The Second Sense: Discerning God's Voice

Grief, Transitions, and Worry

  • Grieving Unfulfilled Desires

  • Navigating Change, Transition, and the Storms of Life

  • Hope for the Heavy Heart: Experiencing God in the Storms of Life

  • Practicing Faith Over Fear Through Life's Transition Moments

  • The Movement from Worry to Wonder: Learning How to Trust God in the Midst of Uncertainty

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